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Bill Hunt Professional Voice Talent - Voiceover and Narration Demonstrations - Voice Hunt Online

Bill's Demo's

There are lots of folks to choose from out there when it comes to voiceover/voice acting , and voicehuntonline is one of them.

These demo's represent a range and vocal style that fits with lots of clients as you can see on my client page, but even I have to admit that you can’t be all things to all people. So, on my links page (and only if you can’t find it here), are a few voice artists who are different from me and will deliver with the same quality I would provide.

Anyway, have a listen below and contact me for a quote, audition, or just a chat!

Oh... and by the way the Client Login section of this site allows me to deliver to you direct broadcast quality files that you can download right from this site; wav,aif, and full protools sessions are downloadable in the Client Login section. Just another way VoiceHuntOnline works to make this process easy for you, the client.

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Movie Trailer Style

Character Voice

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